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Get prepared for your Surgery

Operating Room Nurse with 20 years experience provides surgery recovery information and unique healing tips just for you!

Learn about how to look like you've had a facelift without surgery, by activating your own young stem cells without injections, drugs, or chemicals!   


  • Surgery recovery: how to heal faster during recovery surgery
  • Complications, costs and risks of surgery
  • What causes infection, excess inflammation and pain
  • Types of aesthetic surgery

Whether you're having a facelift, breast augmentation, Brazilian lift or laser hair treatment, surgery is a serious endeavor. You can use this simple, easy to understand information to guide yourself through surgery.

Actually, this information can apply to almost any surgery you or a friend may be having!

After reading this information you will:

  • Know more than most people know, before your procedure
  • Have your personal preparation and recovery surgery plan
  • Understand the stages of healing after your surgery procedure
  • Know some possible side effects of anesthesia and pain medications and what to do about them
  • Know what to watch for after you're sent home
  • Learn what NOT to do, and why . . .

You may not know this simple truth about surgery procedures--you do half your healing in the first two weeks after surgery! Discover more facts like this and lots of tips and techniques that will give you the edge when it comes to your surgery recovery and healing time post op...You'll even learn about plastic surgery costs, how to choose a cosmetic Surgeon, and where to find affordable plastic surgery loans.

. . . Transform . . .

Let's help get you ready for your surgery.

Remember to visit our Prayer Before Surgery Page, Recovery Surgery Page and Surgery Preparation Pages. They will help you implement ideas for a great surgery recovery time!