Acne Scar Skin Care Secret

The best acne scar skin care starts with using this easy detox for beautiful skin. This best acne scar treatment for home use is simple and effective.

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Did you know that one of the major benefits of alkaline water may be beautiful acne free skin? Both teenagers and adults have used alkaline water for acne scar help, healing and repair.

Detox for Beautiful Skin

"…..I have been drinking alkaline ionized water for my acne and my face is clearing and I actually feel beautiful and much more confident!"

Tess G. 17, New Mexico

Tess is a friend of mine.  We had a great conversation the other day.  Here's what she told me:

Tess began drinking alkaline water and noticed a difference in her acne in just 3 days. She had tried several home remedies for acne scars, but drinking alkaline water worked best and fastest.

As you may already know, Medical Spas, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and doctors understand the importance of drinking lots of pure, clean water. In some of the best doctors offices and world class beauty spas you'll see the Ionizer Plus Alkaline water machine in use. Alkaline water is also used in hospitals in Asia because it supports the body and it's ability to hydrate.  Some patients heal much faster, sometimes in one third of the expected surgery recovery time, using alkaline water as part of their surgery recovery.

Try Alkaline water.  Drink it during the day, but not with meals. If you don't have an Alkaline Water Ionizer, you may be able to buy alkaline water from a store in your area.

If you have to buy alkaline bottled water, make sure that it's fresh alkaline bottled water. Reports indicate that alkaline water becomes less effective if it's more than two weeks old.

More Acne Scar Skin Care Tips

Minerals are exceptionally good for supporting healthy, beautiful scar-free skin.  So are certain blends of essential oils.  I'll tell you about my favorite scar removal experiences for both.

Drucker Labs makes a liquid mineral blend that I love.  Mostly because their product is so easily absorbed.  IntraMin is a pleasant tasting liquid designed for people who are on the go and need and easily digestible, highly assimilated mineral supplement. 

When I spoke with a company representative, she indicated that because the minerals are liquid, they are taken up by the body in 30 seconds! That's a fast and effective delivery system when compared to the long slow digestion process.  Minerals can be hard to digest.  Minerals help support your body's immune system too, and there are many other health benefits science has found with using mineral supplementation. 

Drucker Labs also makes a Vitamin/Mineral liquid supplement called IntraMax.  It's a great way to provide all the support of a daily vitamin AND get the benefits of mineral too! It's an easy way to help the elderly get their vitamins if swallowing pills happens to be a challenge for them.

I used the IntraMin for 3 months and noticed an old keloid scar of mine had flattened.  I had a puncture wound that healed poorly years ago and it formed a raised, ugly keloid scar.  Once I started using the liquid minerals, all my scars improved in 3-6 months, and at the end of 6 months, the keloid scar had flattened completely.  I've been using the IntraMin product for 4 years now, and most of my scars look like regular skin instead of scar tissue!  The IntraMin by Drucker labs may be your best acne scar skin care supplement to consider.  Drucker Labs sells only to medical professionals.  Please Contact Us to set up a free 15 minute consultation to determine if IntraMin is appropriate for you.  If you qualify, we'll take your order at the time we have a consultation.  Contact Us Today!

doTERRA Essential Oils Company makes a skin soothing blend of essential oils called 'Immortelle'.  My friends call it the 'wrinkle eraser' and they use it around their eyes.  Frankincense is the main essential oil in this blend, and it comes in a roller bottle for easy application.  Because the natural properties in Frankincense support the body's tissue healing and regeneration abilities, I would use the Immortelle blend made by doTERRA in order to assist my body with its scar removal efforts.  Your acne scar skin care regimen is easy and affordable.  Order your Immortelle at retail or wholesale prices, today!

Remember, you may want to try Alkaline drinking water as part of your acne scar skin care before you opt for microdermabrasion, laser treatment for acne scars, or any other cosmetic treatments for acne scars marks.

If you do need dermabrasion or laser treatment for your deep acne scars, you'll already have healthier skin if you drink enough pure, alkaline ionized water for at least a month before this type cosmetic surgery procedure.

Your surgery recovery can be faster after treatment for deep acne scars if your skin is healthy before doing acne laser resurfacing.

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