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Thyroid Problems?  Not anymore! 

I feel really silly writing this because I should have known what was going on when my heart started beating funny and my skin got dry and I had trouble sleeping, but I didn't figure it out until I started having muscle spasms in my back--and they got so bad that I could hardly walk. All this happened over a two week period in June. 

Well--it turns out that I had just begun using the X39 patch made by LifeWave.   I placed the X39 Patch over the notch in my throat, for 8 hours total, over that two week period.  Apparently, the low level light therapy signal that the X39 Patch sent to my body was received by my body.  The body can respond to light therapy.  I guess my body could see that my thyroid needed to wake up.  And it did! 

I kept taking my medication though--because I've taken 60 mg of Armor thyroid daily, for 30 years.  But when I realized that my symptoms were those of too much thyroid, my doctor and I stopped the thyroid medication.  I waited a month, had my blood work done, and sure enough--my thyroid levels are NORMAL!!  The only change I made was placing the X39 Patch over my throat--which happens to be EXACTLY where the thyroid is located! 

Imagine how much better you might feel if your body received a rejuvenation signal, and your body was able to correct itself! Here are some of the clinically proven benefits of theX39 patch:
          X39 PATCH RESEARCH, Dr. Melinda Connor reporting: 
•Restoration of Fitness and Adaptability to Change•Lowers Blood Pressure•Improves Muscle Relaxation•Improved 16 Metabolic outcomes for Amino Acids •Significant Anti-Inflammatory Effects 

I can highly recommend the X39 patch.  My hair, nails and skin are improving.  Even my scars are getting lighter.  Try these patches now!  Just go to this link, and click "Join" to receive wholesale pricing!

Best of health!