Breast Augmentation Costs

Free price info on breast augmentation costs and recovery after breast augmentation surgery. Remember to count the physical cost of breast implant surgery too.

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Read these breast implant after surgery care tips and recovery after breast augmentation surgery ideas. Ask your cosmetic surgeon if you can use them. These surgery preparation and recovery ideas may help with your breast surgery before and after your procedure to possibly speed up your surgery recovery time.

Breast augmentation costs, average:

  • Atlanta.................$4600-5600
  • Chicago................$5600-7600
  • Houston...............$6200-7200 Male pectoral implants available, silicone
  • Los Angeles..........$5700-7700 Male pectoral implants available, silicone
  • New York..............$4000 minimum starting fees
  • Abroad.................$2800-$6900

Saline implants: (salt water inside silicone pouches) are nearly always more affordable.
Silicone implants: (silicone gel inside silicone pouches) are more expensive, sometimes by as much as $2000.

TIP # 1: Doctors prefer or require payment in full up to five days before procedure, or at time of service.

General Anesthesia (where you are asleep) is almost always used for breast augmentations.

Under muscle implants give the best result and last the longest (implant may show through if not placed under muscle).

Procedure time: approximately one hour.

Recovery after breast augmentation: 5-7 days

Full return to normal: 1 year (your skin will have stretched and relaxed after a year if you've done your massages).

Breast Augmentation Costs-Physical Costs

TIP # 2: Any surgery carries with it the risk of nerve damage and loss of sensation. Think carefully about losing sensitivity to touch and how it would effect you emotionally if your sense of touch were diminished or gone. Keep in mind that as we age, sensitivity to touch decreases as well.

Most cosmetic surgeons avoid making the incision in the nipple (periareolar) area whenever possible.

Some surgeries, however, including gynecomastia surgery (breast reduction cosmetic surgery for men) use the nipple (areola) area, to better hide the surgery scar .

TIP # 3: Following your doctors advice regarding massaging your breast implants is critical to avoid bad plastic surgery results . If the tissues do not "learn" to relax and conform to the implant, a constriction or displacement or both can occur, leaving your breast enlargement looking odd or unnatural. Take time every day to do your massage for at least a year!

Get at least two breast augmentation consultations. After getting the information you need, you will know if cosmetic surgery is appropriate for you.


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