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Get that Beverly Hills Face Lift Quality. . .

Your California facelift made easy-Here's how to reduce the average cost of plastic surgery and how to avoid the dangers of plastic surgery...

the dangers of plastic surgery...
Before you schedule your surgery, take a deep breath, don't rush, and have patience.

Finish your research by learning how you can have all the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

You can avoid cosmetic surgery scarring, complications of surgery, or feeling uncomfortable with your cosmetic surgeon. . .

Following these guidelines for your California facelift can be one of the smartest "investments" you can make in yourself!

Knowing which types of anesthesia are best for your "Beverly Hills" facelift surgery can help with your surgery recovery, and learn:

  • How to avoid infection
  • How to boost your immune system function
  • How to experience a rapid surgery recovery

Will save you valuable time and money!

A quick read through the preparing for surgery guide will help ensure your peace of mind and save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars.

Tip #1: The Anesthesiologist fees can double the cost of your California face lift! Some Plastic Surgeons will NOT perform facelift surgery unless you are under "general anesthesia"(where you are asleep). However, if you find a skilled face lift surgeon, and you are a candidate for local anesthesia, (where you are awake) your plastic surgery costs can be remarkably reduced!

What is a California facelift?

A California facelift or "mini face lift" as some call it, is cosmetic surgery on the cheeks and chin.

Sometimes the mini facelift will include the neck as well; it depends on your personal build and skin integrity.

When you look in the mirror and see deep creases around your mouth, next to your nose (nasolabial folds) you are looking at the area that will be smoothed, lifted and tightened.

If you have a little sagging along the jaw line, that area will be "lifted" during the California facelift.

Other names that are used interchangeably are 3-day face lift, weekend face lift, lower face lift and mid face lift. Your personal face lift surgeon will explain what is included in your mini face lift.

Where will my surgery scars be?

The surgery scars will likely be in front of the ears, or perhaps in the hair line. The California facelift does NOT typically include any work on the eyes, nose, forehead or ears.

When calling about California facelift prices in Santa Barbara, California, we learned you may add eyes, nose, forehead or ear revisions to your face lift surgery if you wish.

Estimated cost of mini face lift:

  • $6500-$9800, in Santa Barbara, California.

(Estimate includes all plastic surgery costs for general anesthesia surgery. Estimated cost of plastic surgery does NOT include lab work or prescription medications)

Each additional procedure added to your facelift costs more and is priced separately. Most Cosmetic surgeons will help you decide which additional procedures will give you the best California facelift result.

Be sure to ask their opinion, or they may assume you want only the California facelift!


TIP # 2: Did you know prices for plastic surgery vary between cosmetic surgeons by as much as $3000 for the same procedure?!

"Facelift: Experience matters-yours and theirs!"

Avoid the dangers of plastic surgery by knowing if your plastic surgery doctor has plenty of face lift experience and the necessary qualifications.

You can find a good plastic surgeon and check their experience level and qualifications by calling their office directly and speaking with the "patient care coordinator" or office manager. This is especially important if you want to have your plastic surgery abroad.

That phone call will be valuable. Glance over the "what to ask" section at the bottom of this page before making your phone calls.

You can get a good sense of the quality of plastic surgery center you have called by noting the tone and manner of the office staff. If they are welcoming, upbeat and friendly, chances are the Cosmetic Surgeon is too--their attitude often trickles down to their staff.

Top Cosmetic Surgeons make it a point to have the ambiance, or "feeling" in their Plastic Surgery Clinic inviting, enthusiastic, and "about you".

Your positive face lift experience depends on having a Surgeon who leads out with care and compassion. Their expertise in this area means you will be listened to, heard, and understood as you explain your specific personal desires for your surgery or any variation of face lift surgery.

You are your surgeon's unique work of art. Make sure you connect with your doctor.

Your healing after surgery will depend on how secure you feel under the hand of your Cosmetic Surgeon.

Anxiety and frustration diminish your healing capacity and add undue stress to your face lift experience.

If something doesn't feel right, don't question your instincts--keep looking for that perfect fit between you and your cosmetic surgeon and your California facelift and recovery after face lift can be a breeze.

Tip #3 To have the best facelift experience, make a quick call now to the top Cosmetic Surgeons offices on your list. You'll be surprised how quickly you can weed out the best Cosmetic Surgeons from the others. Don't worry, you'll know by how you feel and what you hear if that Cosmetic Surgery hospital center is for you.

What to Ask . . .About  Any Cosmetic Surgery

  • How long has the doctor been practicing cosmetic surgery?
  • Is the doctor board certified? (requires surgeons to have proven skills and experience, and stay current on the latest techniques)
  • Is the plastic surgery center a fully accredited facility? (ensures safe equipment, cleanliness, adherence to standardized procedures for quality assurance, etc.)
  • Is my consultation free?
  • Can you give me an estimate of California facelift costs?
  • How much extra is an eye lift, brow lift, forehead lift?
  • Do you perform local and general anesthesia surgeries?
  • If I get a California lift, how long should I plan for my surgery recovery time?

Now you're ready to finish planning for your face lift! Be sure to enjoy the journey. Happiness now is important, and will help speed your surgery recovery later.

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