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Cellulite removal is easy once you know what causes cellulite.
Learn what you can do to get rid of cellulite here!

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What is cellulite, exactly?

Cellulite is swollen fat cells.

When fat cells are swollen, it causes them to press through a fish net like mesh just under your skin. This causes your skin to look lumpy.

Swollen fat cells create cellulite. This inflammation, or swelling makes your normal fat cells large and lumpy.

When your cellulite begins to show, it's because your fat cells are full of extra water, toxins or something else causing swelling and inflammation...like your body pH being too "acid".

The rules:

  • Junk food has sugar, preservatives, dyes and chemicals in it.

  • Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, coffee, caffeine are all chemicals that your body doesn't like.

  • These foods can cause or contribute to an acid pH, and help cause excess inflammation.

  • You likely don't want to hear this again, but you definitely want your cellulite removed!

So, if you put these things in your body, your body is likely too acid and you're experiencing unwanted water retention and swelling that these refined sugars and toxins can cause.

Then, your body takes the chemicals it can't process and STORES THEM IN YOUR FAT CELLS to keep these toxins away from your vital organs, like your brain and heart.

And finally, in order to "dilute" the toxins your fat cells have grabbed, they fill up with water! Swollen fat cells gives the bumpy cellulite appearance to your skin.

Anti Cellulite Diet for Cellulite Removal

Stop feeding your body junk and it will begin doing cellulite removal for you! Be sure to start on a great Anti Cellulite Diet as soon as possible.

You've heard that water retention can cause cellulite... but be sure to read further before you reach for that diuretic or water pill...

If your body pH is too "acidic" then an Alkaline water machine can help shift your pH to a healthier, more efficient Alkaline pH and support detoxification as well.

I lost water weight, cellulite and body fat within the first 3 days I began drinking the Alkaline water. The weight loss continued until I'd lost 9 lbs in just 5 weeks.

Drinking the water has been the easiest fast weight loss aid I've ever used. Read about Jessica's weight loss, and her friend Sara's too.

Cellulite is different than deep body fat

Love your fat!

You would die without it!

You've seen people who are anorexic die when they starve their body of it's vital, life giving fat stores...

But deep body fat is just that--deep under the skin.

We all have body fat, no matter what size we are. Fat is necessary for:

  • Your survival in times of stress or starvation

  • To cushion and protect your vital organs

  • And most important: produce hormones and perform many other functions in your body

You also have fat cells right under your skin--and these are the ones that have a cellulite appearance when they fill up with toxins or water, or if your hormones aren't balanced.

How to lose cellulite with hormone balance

After I started my Anti Cellulite Diet, I checked my hormone levels.

My hormone balance was off.

After LOTS of research and trying all kinds of bio-identical hormone replacement methods, I chose to use Sotto-Pelle hormone replacement. It works for men and women.

I began to get rid of cellulite and deep body fat steadily in just a few weeks time.

I loved the fast weight loss. My lean muscle mass also increased, and I began to have the figure I hadn't seen since high school!

I had a better sex drive, my hair started growing back in my eyebrows and eyelashes, and I stopped losing head hair.

Hormone balance is critical for helping your body detoxify itself. I was retaining water without good hormone balance. It gave my fat cells a cellulite appearance.

I believe you can look great in your swim suit, experience fast weight loss, and enjoy easy cellulite removal all at the same time.

Ideas about how to lose cellulite naturally

Here are a few more things that might keep your body from doing it's own cellulite removal:

  • Hormone imbalance: like low thyroid or estradiol, being on the pill or low testosterone levels (for men or women); these imbalances might encourage "cellulite" conditions

  • Sitting still too long each day: being still stops your lymphatic flow--get up and move so your fat can get circulation to and from it

  • Drinking diet sodas: aspartame may act like a toxin in your body, some studies indicate it might kill brain cells and cause short term memory loss, and may be toxic to your fat cells

Did you know . . .

  • Drinking caffeine and alcohol: caffeine stresses your adrenal gland and increases cortisol. It dehydrates you too. Your fat cells can "plump up" under these distressing circumstances, even if you're dehydrated!

    Alcohol is a toxin your body doesn't easily or completely process, so it stores it away, in your liver and fat cells!

If you're doing everything "right" to remove cellulite, or lose weight, and you just can't... consider reading,

"Lose the weight you hate", by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. This book will likely be your personal answer to being healthy, losing weight and help you get rid of cellulite too!

Your cellulite removal options

One of my favorite tips to help remove cellulite:

1) Use the

Ionizer Plus™water along with the far infrared sauna after you've begun the Anti Cellulite Diet and that may be all you need to do!

2) Consider Mesotherapy, where your plastic surgeon injects a fluid that dissolves and destroys fat and your body carries it away.

Mesotherapy requires several injections over a long period of time. You have to wait between treatments for the fat to dissolve and die, in order to see where your remaining cellulite is, and where to inject your trouble spots for cellulite removal.

3) Consider liposuction carefully..., Realize that liposuction usually does NOT result in effective cellulite reduction, because liposuction usually focuses on "deep" fat, cellulite is fat closer to your skin's surface.

If your doctor did liposuction close to your skin to reduce cellulite, you may end up with divots, lumps and uneven skin.

Some have liposuction done anyway, and have marginal results--just remember, deep fat is different that cellulite.

Be sure to ask your doctor what he recommends. Perhaps both liposuction and mesotherapy will help your trouble spots if you've tried everything else.

Quick tip: All the liposuction plastic surgeons we talked with said they have an anti cellulite diet protocol they encourage their patients to try before having cellulite removal, mesotherapy, or laser liposuction procedures done.


If you want cellulite removal or liposuction to help you lose weight fast--most plastic surgeons will NOT help you by performing cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery fact:

Cellulite removal, liposuction, and mesotherapy are only for trouble spots on an already healthy body.

Cosmetic surgery for fat removal and reducing cellulite is done only when trouble spots DO NOT respond to diet and exercise...

I am in my 40's now, and I regularly use two "cellulite removal" machines...

The BEST thing about these machines is that they help REMOVE TOXINS from the body. One machine burns up to 700 calories each time I use it, and I'm just sitting there!!

It's a High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna. Call my friends at 800-794-5355 or go to

HighTechHealth.com. They told me they've had GREAT success with cellulite disappearing when their clients use their Far Infrared Sauna. It has many, many other health benefits too...

This sauna isn't a "regular" sauna... Oprah and Dr. Oz explain some benefits of this type of sauna.

Don't forget to ask the people at High Tech Health about the Alkaline water too! My friend Jessica had horrible acne, into her twenties...

By drinking the alkaline water, her acne scars began disappearing and her beautiful skin is returning, just like when she was a little girl!

She's quite pleased with her results, even though she's only been drinking the Alkaline water for 30 days!!

Read Jessica's story on the "cellulite machine" page.

Aging gracefully and having beautiful skin all over your body (for men and women)may be easier than you think!

For a completely natural alternative to liposuction, mesotherapy, cellulite removal surgery or cellulite removal creams of any kind:

If that doesn't rid cellulite completely, consider mesotherapy or perhaps reduce cellulite appearance with cellulite creams.

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