Laser Hair Removal Treatments

~Looking for Laser Hair Treatment to RE GROW hair?

Laser hair removal treatments can remove most of your unwanted hair. The most effective laser hair treatment guidelines are here. Laser hair removal for men and women is not permanent hair removal. It is hair reduction.

The best way to get optimal results is to do all the treatments for removing your unwanted hair.

Be sure to know the facts about your procedure so you aren't misled or disappointed with your results!!

Top Ten Tips about Laser Hair Removal Treatments: 

  • It's not permanent hair removal. It's a permanent REDUCTION
  • Blonde hair doesn't go away with laser hair removal treatment!
  • You must stay with your course of treatment, go all 5 times, or 8 or 10
  • Dark skin may need "lighter" treatments done more often to avoid skin discoloration

  • Pain? Yes, it's uncomfortable. Ice packs are usually sufficient for pain control
  • Anesthesia? Yes, for the face only, applied an hour before treatment
  • Male? It hurts more, sometimes substantially more

  • Be aware that you'll need to stay out of the sun and protect the skin after treatment
  • Certain vitamins and supplements may help speed up skin recovery You might feel better if you use these ideas before and after laser hair treatment surgeries

Tip #1: Remember, Laser hair removal treatments are a REDUCTION only. Not a permanent hair removal! The success rate for laser hair removal is a 40% to 80% reduction of unwanted hair.

Male Laser hair removal treatments

Are you looking to have your entire back treated? Laser back hair removal treatments can include upper back, lower back or the entire back.

A laser hair treatment in California costs about:

$900-1000 for the entire laser chest hair removal or laser back hair removal package. Male laser hair removal is a little tricky; some men have denser, coarser hair than others.

The Spa we spoke with near Santa Barbara said that when laser hair removal for men is done, it's sold in packages of five laser hair removal treatments for the $900 price--with this exception:

Stubborn hair sometimes requires two additional laser hair removal treatments, which are included at no extra cost. Most men we spoke with said that having laser hair removal treatments are like getting a tattoo.

It hurts.

It's a type of burn. If you've never had a tattoo, think about what it would feel like getting snapped repeatedly with a rubber band on the areas you want hair removed.

Depending on your pain tolerance, you may want to "try" it first, so see if you can envision yourself going through all the treatments recommended for your hair density and coarseness.

If pain is not your favorite thing, there is an alternative to taking pain medication (pain medication may interfere with the laser treatment and cause chemical burns on your skin).

A therapy called NeuroModulation Technique has been known to decrease your body's sensitivity to painful events (like going to the dentist) and may help you tolerate your laser hair removal treatments.

Call around for affordable laser hair removal prices in your area, and be sure to ask about the "extra" treatments for male laser hair removal and if they are included in the laser hair removal pricing.

Male laser hair removal is done once every 6 weeks, to allow for tissue healing and to observe where hair is growing back.

Read through the ladies section for additional information and tips on getting ready for your appointment, and what to expect after laser hair removal treatments.

Ladies, Where is your unwanted hair?

Laser facial hair removal and laser bikini hair removal

What are laser hair removal costs for you?

The laser hair removal spa in California we spoke with gave us the following laser hair removal prices:

  • Ladies upper lip area: $325 for a package of five laser hair removal face treatments
  • Ladies bikini area: $350 for a package of five laser bikini hair removal treatments
  • Ladies under arm: $375 for a 6 treatment package
  • Ladies entire legs: $750-1000 for Laser hair removal. Legs on the front only or back only may be less expensive.

Call around for affordable laser hair removal pricing!

Laser hair removal safety

Laser hair removal safety is important. Lasers are powerful and can cause laser burns if not used prudently.

Treatments are done no sooner than every 4-6 weeks in most cases. For instance, laser bikini hair removal is done at 6 week intervals to allow for skin healing, to avoid scarring or burning the sensitive upper leg tissue, and to ensure good laser hair removal results by treating only the areas that re-grow hair.

Don't put anything on your skin unless the Doctor instructs you to. Chemicals on the skin can react to the laser and cause laser burns or other problems.

Tell your doctor what medications you are taking as well. Chemicals in the skin can also react to laser light, causing skin discoloration, acid burns or other unwanted side effects. Ask and follow your Doctor's advice.

Before your treatment, they may clean your skin, or have instructed you to use a topical anesthetic up to an hour and a half before your appointment.

Laser hair removal treatments are not fun, but they aren't too painful for most women, either.

You will certainly feel the heat sensation and prickle on the treated areas. Most pain you feel can be alleviated by using an ice pack to cool the area.

The Laser for hair removal treatment is a large machine with an arm and a handle the doctor holds to direct the light. You will likely be lying down and should always wear protective glasses--they will have them there for you.

Tip #2: If you are especially sensitive to burns, ask your doctor if you can take an over the counter pain medication before your treatment. Though a laser hair removal treatment does not cause a stove top like burn, it can feel like it. Taking something without a Doctor's advice may cause unwanted problems!

After laser hair removal

  • Don't exercise or do anything that makes you sweat for the first day or two
  • Don't scratch, pull, or irritate the skin in the treated area
  • Do not tan, or put sunless tanning products on the laser treated area

  • Let your hair grow between treatments
  • If you have Doctor's permission, use a topical vitamin A, C, and E cream to heal the treated area
  • If you choose, take vitamin A, C, and E by mouth to help support the skin to heal its self

  • Carefully wash the laser treatment area with mild soap and water only
  • Consider having a NeuroModulation Technique "energy medicine" treatment before and after your treatment, to help decrease pain and accelerate your healing process!

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