Liposuction Costs

Can you afford it?

Liposuction costs are far more than just financial. There are physical risks and dangers of liposuction that are rare, but worth knowing before your liposuction procedures. Being prepared for any surgery and recovery after surgery is important, especially when you choose to have cosmetic surgery.

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Whether you're male or female, remember that your liposuction recovery time can be a little harrowing. We'll help you through that with liposuction recovery tips and teach you what to do for liposuction recovery swelling. In addition, you can learn about:

  • Cost of liposuction: physical, emotional and financial
  • Liposuction before after--how to prepare and recover
  • Dangers of liposuction, what to expect and watch for

Tip #1: If you've ever been in the operating room when lipo suction is being done, you know it's can be a rather "rough" surgery. Plan to take the maximum number of days your Doctor recommends for your liposuction recovery time. If you heal faster than normal-great! But if you don't, we have some recovery surgery tips and techniques that may work for you.

Liposuction Prices:

Cost of liposuction for upper and lower abdomen only (may include love handles if there's very little work needed in that area):

So, how much does liposuction cost in:

  • Beverly Hills liposuction:----------------$5500-8500

  • San Diego liposuction:------------------$3500-5800

  • Liposuction Houston, Texas:------------$5000-8000

  • Liposuction in Chicago, Illinois-----------coming soon

  • San Francisco liposuction:--------------$5500-6500

  • Atlanta liposuction, Georgia-------------still researching

  • Liposuction Las Vegas:-----------------$3800-8700

  • Seattle liposuction:--------------------$5000-6900

  • Michigan liposuction--------------------coming soon

  • Liposuction New York:------------------still researching

*Listed above are liposuction average cost only, based on our research in each city. Estimates include the general anesthesia fees, the surgical facility fees, and the liposuction surgery fee.

TIP#2: The amount of fat you want removed and the number of sites where your liposculpture is being done will change the price of your liposuction surgery substantially.


How much is liposuction if I add more "areas" of my body to the surgery?

Most Plastic surgery clinics we called said each additional body area changes the price of liposuction surgery by $800 to $1900 or so, per area. For instance, your inner thigh liposuction is one area, outer thigh, another area, etc. Some plastic surgery doctors charge for EACH inner thigh and EACH outer thigh--be sure to ask.

Additionally, the length of time you spend in the operating room, the density of your fat, the amount of time you're under general anesthesia and your surgery recovery time have to be factored in to arrive at an accurate liposuction price tailored to your specific liposculpture needs.

How to decrease your liposuction costs

Start by asking your liposuction Doctor:

  • Can you do my liposuction procedure WITHOUT general anesthesia? (general anesthesia means you are "asleep")

  • What is the difference in liposuction prices between general anesthesia surgery, and tumescent liposuction? (or conscious sedation--where you're awake, but don't remember anything)

  • What are the dangers of liposuction surgery?

  • Is the price you quoted me the total cost of liposuction, or are there operating room fees and recovery room fees added to that price?

  • Would a mini liposuction procedure take care of my trouble spots?

If your surgery can be done without general anesthesia, you may save up to $2000 on your liposuction costs.

TIP #3: If you're prepared for surgery by being physically healthy before your procedure, and using powerful healing methods after surgery, your liposuction recovery time can markedly reduced! You may recover from surgery in half the expected time!

Cut liposuction cost even further . . .

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Check back often, we'll keep you updated on all your alternatives to liposuction. Maybe all you need are ideas on getting rid of cellulite!

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