Alkaline Ionized Water Offers Great Health Benefits

When you drink Alkaline Ionized Water, you can experience fast fat loss, lose inches too, and even get rid of cellulite.

Here's why:

  • Most of us are too "acidic" and our body can't work efficiently when we have an acid pH (an "acidic" pH helps cancer to grow in the body)

  • Alkaline water fixes that--a more alkaline body pH makes your metabolism very efficient for losing weight, making energy and healing faster

  • Toxins are more easily excreted when we drink alkaline water; so you may be able to exercise longer, and your skin can look great

  • Alkaline water makes many people lose weight fast, lose inches, get rid of acne and even lose cellulite

Why Alkaline Ionized Water?

Ionization is what makes the water Alkaline.

Simply put:

  • It hydrates your body six times faster and deeper, and carries good minerals to where your body can use them best

  • It offers your body more "available" oxygen, because more is made available in the ionizing alkaline water process

  • This alkaline water acts as an "anti-oxidant" water, because alkaline water has a special "charge" that grabs free radicals (bad stuff in the blood) and keeps them from damaging your cells

  • it makes essential minerals in water easy for your body to absorb...Calcium, magnesium and potassium; also known as "electrolytes", are easily depleted during exercise)

The Ionizer Plus Alkaline Water by High Tech Health is the only machine that uses all the "best" alkaline water technologies in one alkaline water machine.

It ionizes, alkalizes, purifies and disinfects your water, all at once.

I've been advised that it's the only one of the many alkaline water machines on the market that has a built-in ultra violet light.

UV Light kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria that may be in your water.

My alkaline water machine is hooked up to my bathroom sink, and doesn't interfere with normal sink use at all. I use alkaline drinking water myself, and my favorite Medical Doctors do too.

My only regret was waiting to get my own alkaline water machine. I wish I'd bought one right away when they suggested I use the Alkaline Ionized Water to detoxify my body...

I loved losing 9 lbs in the first three weeks. I had firmer, stronger skin, brighter eyes and almost no cellulite left. After using my alkaline water machine for 3 months, my cellulite removal is complete.

The alkaline water helps pull toxins out of our cells than can cause cellulite. Read more about that on the cellulite removal page, and read a great alkaline water testimonial that Jessica shared with us.

In China the hospitals are using alkaline water for their patients, because surgery recovery takes much less time. Alkaline water apparently helps the body heal faster after surgery.

Drinking the water had an anti inflammatory effect on me and many others. This helps the body handle surgery better. I used alkaline water before my surgery , and I healed three times faster than the normal surgery recovery time.

Besides all this, there are even more alkaline water benefits to add to the list. Consider calling High Tech Health to learn more about the alkaline ionized water benefits; 1.800.794.5355. I believe you'll be glad you did.

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