Animal Hormones

Hormone side effects from using animal hormones can cause unusual conditions like weight gain, hormone headaches, yellowing of the eyes and arthritis-like symptoms.

Animal source hormones have been used for:

  • Female hormone replacement
  • Male hormone replacement
  • Male to female hormones
  • Thyroid hormone replacement and diabetic conditions

Making and keeping beautiful clear skin is just one function of hormones in humans and animals. One doctor has reported that wrinkly skin, acne and weight gain can often be reversed with bio identical hormone replacement therapy.

Female hormones used for hysterectomy hormone replacement with animal source hormones may cause vaginal discomfort or pain, breast pain, vaginitis (swelling of the vagina) and itching.

Bio identical hormones (also called "natural hormones") are identical to those made in your human body. They are available by prescription and are usually made at a compounding pharmacy.

If you want to avoid animal derived hormone side effects, make sure you tell your doctor you want bio identical hormones, not animal source hormones or synthetic hormones.

One of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is weight gain. Hcg hormone is used extensively in Europe to assist with weight loss. The reason hcg hormone works for weigh loss may be due to an overall hormone imbalance. Once estradiol, progesterone and testosterone are brought into balance, hcg may automatically come into balance. It's not unusual for many symptoms to disappear and fast weight loss to result.

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