Back Pain Surgery

If you're having a back pain surgery, and you're having nerve pain along with your back pain right now, you're probably looking for significant pain relief alternatives before and after your back surgery.

Nerve pain, muscle pain and bone pain are all very challenging to overcome. 
I’m excited to tell you that we have options that may help relieve your nerve pain before and after your surgery. 

We’ll talk about muscle spasms, joint pain and bone pain later on.  But first let’s talk about nerve pain:

Do You Have:
-Pinched nerves?
-Burning sensations?
-Numbness, tingling or neuropathy pain?
-Electric shooting pains?
In fact, Dave's Nerve Relief Formula, combined with his Recovery Formula and Relief Formula, helped me AVOID SURGERY (ruptured disc surgery and stenosis surgery) altogether!
Dave's NERVE Relief Formula may help your body handle your nerve pain better too.

I had ruptured discs in my neck (cervical discs), mid back (thoracic discs) and lower back (lumbar discs) from a roll over car accident we were in.  Surgeons I consulted with offered me a certain kind of back pain surgery to remove ruptured discs, fuse my vertebrae and insert stabilization rods.  The surgeons said even having the surgery successfully done, there were NO guarantees that the ‘successful’ back surgery would stop the nerve pain or stop the muscle spams!  Then I was offered every kind of new pain medication.  I don't do well with back pain medicine.  I needed an alternative medicine for back pain.  I was looking for natural pain relievers. Then I met Dave Card.  He had the answers for my back pain problems. After trying Dave’s NERVE Relief Formula.
Who is Dave Card?  He's an Herbalist, Homeopathist, and Certified Nutritionist.  I think you'll be as glad as I was when you find out what Dave has to offer those of us who suffer with chronic nerve pain and chronic back pain!

What is This Natural Nerve Relief Formula?

Dave's Nerve Relief formula is a blend of natural herbs that help support your entire body with soothing, calming, pain relieving building blocks.

Dave taught me that prescription pain medication works on ONE type of chemical receptor in our bodies.  So instead of just one specific kind of pain relief, Dave’s Nerve Relief Herbal blend has many different herbs the body can naturally use to support a more comprehensive and complete feeling of nerve calmness and tension relief. 

Multiple ways to relieve your pain is better than just one way.

Because of the multiple pain relieving support herbs in the formulas, Dave’s Nerve Relief formula not only help your body with back pain, it even supports relief of diabetic neuropathy pain!  Some people use Dave's formulas as an alternative to prescription joint pain medication.  Dave's Formulas contain all natural herbs.  In other words, they are 'food'.  These natural pain relief support herbs have:

-No side effects
-Broad based total body support for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect
-Rapid absorption which may provide relief in as little as 3 minutes (if you respond to the liquid Relief Formulas like I did)

Dave formulated his favorite nerve support herbs with a special combination of the best pain relief building block ingredients. You can see the ingredient list at the bottom of the page.  This uniquely powerful blend provides your body with great herbal and nutritional support it needs to help decrease inflammation and help promote the natural relaxation of muscles.

Can Herbs Really Work for Back Pain Surgery?

Yes, but your body does the work.  Since inflammation causes pain, we can give our bodies' the 'food'  they need to make the chemistries that decrease swelling.  Our bodies use these anti-inflammatory foods and herbs to help decrease pain, swelling and sensitivity.

Less Swelling, Less Pain!  Surgery Recovery Time Decreased!

With less swelling and inflammation before and after surgery, our bodies may heal faster. 

Because certain natural herbs can bind with the same receptors that back pain medicine binds with, and have a similar calming effect, Dave reports that some people working with their doctor, can actually decrease their prescription back pain medication when they use his Formulas.  I know for sure that  I won't be without Dave's Formulas in my home.  Ask your doctor to work with you if you choose to wean off of your prescription pain medications.  Always work with your doctor.

How do I know Dave's Nerve Relief Formula will work for you?

I don't. But Dave’s Nerve Relief formula decreased my back pain and nerve pain.  Isn’t it worth a try? What if you have the same relief before your back pain surgery, that I did??

-I could relax because my muscles weren’t so tense
-I had more energy because I didn’t use up all my strength dealing with pain! 
-I could sit for longer periods of time  
-I didn't need to use the prescription chronic pain medications at all after I used Dave's formulas. 
-I even went for a walk the day I tried Dave's Formulas.

I'm not the only one to experience nerve pain relief

My friend just had a very painful surgery done on her hand.  She is using Dave's Relief Formula instead of joint pain medication. Dave also has a special formula you might consider as an alternative arthritis pain reliever called "Joint RLF Formula".  This formula may help you before and after your back pain surgery because each vertebrae in your back is a type of 'joint' (because it's movable, or supposed to be able to move).

Get Your Back Pain Surgery Relief Today

BUY DAVE'S FORMULAS ONLINE.  Just Contact Us and we'll mail you your bottle today.  Our Store is almost built, but if you Contact Us we will get back with you and take your order via PayPal.  US orders only.

Try Dave's Nerve Relief Formula now.  You'll be glad you did.  And please tell your friends who suffer chronic pain and are dependent on chronic pain medications and looking for alternative pain relief options.  This may be the back pain relief solution they are looking for!

NERVE Relief Formula Ingredients:
California Poppy (aerial parts)
Corydalis yanhusuo (tuber)
Passionflower (aerial parts)
Lobelia (aerial parts)
Prickly ash (bark)
Trace Minerals
Other Ingredients:
Vegetable glycerin, water, less than 5% Alcohol

If you’d like to know more about how severe my nerve damage and nerve pain were, I'll share my story about surgery pain and nerve damage, and my recovery from a terrible accident, I'm writing about that in my newsletter.  I hope your pain is relieved as well as mine was.  I've never been in such pain, and I've had several painful accidents in my life.

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