Avoid Bad Plastic Surgery Results

Here's your free checklist for avoiding bad plastic surgery results.

Know the dangers of cosmetic surgery and benefits of plastic surgeries before your cosmetic surgery procedure.

  • Select an American Board of Plastic Surgery doctor, if available in your country

  • If your surgery fell in the category of plastic surgery disasters, DO NOT go back to the same plastic surgeon. You don't want to suffer another "plastic surgery gone wrong"

  • Beware of plastic surgery advertising claiming the plastic surgery doctor is an "expert". "Experts" are NOT necessarily Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Even when your doctor is Board Certified, your surgeon may not have expertise in the particular cosmetic surgery you're looking for.

Avoid plastic surgery nightmares by asking your doctor about board certification, years of experience, and the number of surgical procedures they've done.

Good plastic surgery results and easier plastic surgery recovery depend on how much experience your cosmetic surgeon has in your specific procedure.

You will enjoy more of the benefits of plastic surgeries because a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon takes several more years of voluntary surgical training to become a Board Certified plastic surgery doctor. Not many surgeons invest in this extra training.

Plastic Surgery Mistakes You Can Bypass

Use the additional checklist at the bottom of the California Facelifts page to screen your plastic surgery doctor. Good plastic surgery is never guaranteed, but if your doctor is affiliated with the American Society of Plastic Surgery, plastic surgery nightmares are far less likely to occur.

Click on “Is Your Doctor Board Certified” to see if your plastic surgeon is board certified by any of the 24 American Board of Medical Specialties Boards. Board certified plastic surgeons know the dangers of plastic surgery and are trained to avoid them. Your surgeon can also explain the pros and cons of plastic surgery and look at your medical history to see if your cosmetic surgery risks are too high.

You may get bad plastic surgery results if you are a diabetic, have high blood pressure, smoke, or have a history of stroke.

Good Plastic Surgery Results

Your American board plastic surgery doctor will provide you with all the necessary plastic surgery info, like:

Plastic Surgery Statistics

Cosmetic Surgery Risks:

  • complications estimated 1 in 300.
  • Deaths 1 in 50,000.

Source: Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2004.

You can minimize some of the negative effects of plastic surgery if you do your research, balance your hormones and eat a healthy diet before surgery , bad plastic surgery results likely won't occur.

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