Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
and Anti Aging 

Bioidentical hormone therapy is hormone replacement with hormones exactly like your body would make if it was working properly.

If you are experiencing memory loss, irritability, insomnia, weight gain around the abdomen and loss of muscle mass you may benefit from bio identical hormones. Some animal hormones are also used for hormone replacement therapy but they won't work exactly like bioidentical hormone therapy will.

Surgery recovery is faster and easier too, if you have good hormone balance, no matter how young or old you are.

All your tissues will heal faster if your hormones are balanced, and your skin healing after surgery will be especially nice.

Women need balanced testosterone levels for good mental and physical energy, muscle mass maintenance, tight smooth skin and a healthy sex drive.

Male hormone replacement helps men with these same symptoms in addition to helping maintain a healthy prostate.

Bioidentical hormone therapies come in a variety of delivery systems:

  • You can take them by mouth
  • Use a patch or transdermal cream that carries the hormone right through your skin and into your body
  • Have hormone pellets inserted into your fat

A bioidentical hormone therapy where bio identical hormone pellets are implanted just under the skin is available now in the United States. The best known pellet therapy is called Sotto Pelle, but there are other bioidentical hormone replacement methods which use pellets as well.

When you have pellets implanted, the ever present hormone supply allows your body to pick up extra hormone whenever hormone demand increases. Hormone demand rises when you are recovering from surgery. Call your doctor for more details about pellets, patches, pills or creams for your hormone replacement needs.

Balancing female hormones and male hormone replacement therapies are becoming necessary now for a surprising number of men and women.

Why do you need hormone replacement?

Even if you live healthy and eat an organic diet, your hormone levels can drop prematurely as you age. Some animal hormones (like the hormones found in meat and chicken) may also interfere with our own natural anti aging hormones and their functions.

Your doctor can test all types of hormones, but especially your endocrine hormones. It may be wise to have your bioidentical hormones in place before surgery to insure you the fastest surgery recovery time possible.

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