Breast Reduction Post Surgery

Free breast reduction post surgery info for before and after breast surgery. How to avoid breast reduction keloid scars and factor in the physical cost of breast reduction surgery healing time.

You may be concerned about the breast reduction scars during your breast surgery recovery. Taking a good multi mineral as soon as you can before breast surgery may help your body avoid forming a large, lumpy keloid scar.

Surgery preparation tips like this can make a big difference in reducing the physical and emotional cost of beast reduction recovery. One surgery patient took a multi mineral for several months before surgery. It helped to soften other small surgery scars from previous surgeries too!

Your body image changes suddenly with breast reduction surgery so it's important to recognize how your breast reduction surgery recovery usually progresses:

  • You will be swollen and tender because fat tissue and skin tissue has been cut and pulled out or pulled tight.

  • You may have fluid oozing from the incisions and cuts during breast reduction recovery and this is normal, but only for two days or so after breast surgery. Call your surgeon if the breast reduction scars ooze fluid longer than three days

  • You may have a tendency to form keloid scar tissue, however, if you know about taking supplements before surgery this may help your body have what it needs to heal skin beautifully post surgery.

  • Your cosmetic surgeon will teach you how to care for your breast reduction scars and when you can safely shower. You'll learn about 'J' tubes for draining fluids from your breast reduction surgery too, if your cosmetic surgeon uses them for you.

  • Some doctors I worked with would inject a keloid surgery scar with 1% lidocaine to reduce the scar. The results took a few months, yet were quite good!

Your body image will change quite a bit, but it's not a difficult transition to make. Just prepare yourself with these tips and use them before and after surgery.

Some breast reduction surgery patients were so relieved to have smaller breasts, a few of them even had breast reduction surgery done twice!

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