Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

Your breast reduction surgery cost can be reduced if you're physically and financially prepared for your breast reduction surgery recovery. The best tips for cutting the cost of breast reduction surgery for men and women are here:

  • Make sure you have reviewed these surgery preparation tips with your cosmetic surgeon for approval.

  • Allow enough time for your body to lose weight, add nutritional support and hydrate before and after breast reduction surgery.

  • Create a budget a year or two in advance so you can pay cash and aren't adding interest charges to your surgery costs.

  • Ask your plastic surgeon if they offer a discount for cash. Some do, because it saves them credit card processing fees.

Interview at least two plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic breast reduction surgery. Compare their breast surgery costs and plan your budget.

Breast reduction surgery scars are common, and sometimes form a large scar or keloid scar . Include the emotional and mental stresses and changes that may occur in your body as part of breast reduction costs...

The image you have in mind about how your breasts will look may be very different than your actual breast reduction results.

Sometimes the sensitivity in the nipples goes down, sometimes your breasts look lopsided (which usually resolves itself in a few months) and sometimes your breast reduction surgery scar remains red and sensitive far longer than you expect.

Swelling is common after any surgery, especially liposuction. The same tips for liposuction swelling may work well for breast reduction surgery swelling too.

Plan more surgery recovery time than your plastic surgeon states. That way you'll have the extra time you may need to recover after surgery without the emotional stress of having to rush back to work if you're still feeling sore or swollen.

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