Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

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Breast reduction surgery recovery may take four weeks to several months. It's a rather painful surgery recovery because your chest is in constant motion from breathing. Your arm pits, ribs, nipples, breast fat and muscles may all be bruised.

You may have these same sore areas with a recovery after breast augmentation surgery, breast implant removal surgery or breast augmentation revision surgery as well.

Swelling and redness are expected and you may have a keloid scar. Don't be alarmed, but do watch for excess redness and heat. Breast surgery breast abscess can appear anywhere in your breast (in males or females), especially at the surgery scar site. Sometimes a breast abscess will have pus or a smelly drainage.

Always call your cosmetic surgeon to report any drainage, heat, pus or abnormal swelling after surgery. If you've had breast reduction surgery with liposuction, you may have 'J tubes' also known as drainage tubes, the drainage should look like dark red juice. It should not be thick or yellow...

One product that may help you prepare for surgery and support your body to fight off infection is Allimax--click here for info and more surgery prep ideas. Studies have shown Allimax products may help avoid infections like MRSA.

Use your pain medications as your plastic surgeon directs. Ice Packs may help with pain control too. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to ask your doctor which over the counter pain reliever is best because prescription pain medications can cause nausea and dizziness in some individuals.

One surgery patient reported that she did not take her prescription pain medications post surgery. Tylenol and Ibuprofen were sufficient to control surgery pain if she was careful to rest and not over do it.

It takes most of your energy just to heal your breast reduction post surgery or after any type of breast reconstructive surgery. Sleeping as much as possible is important for effective pain management and surgery recovery. Be sure to get plenty of rest as part of your surgery recovery!

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