Cellulite Remedies

Looking for cellulite remedies?

Here's how you can do cellulite treatments right at home.

Reducing cellulite is your first priority. Get rid of cellulite by reducing swelling! Learn how by reading on the Cellulite Removal page.

Most plastic surgeons don't like to do "cosmetic surgery" on your cellulite areas. They aren't pleased with the choices available to them for cellulite treatment.

The cosmetic surgery results at times are not the best:

  • Mesotherapy sometimes leaves bumps in your skin

  • Liposuction cellulite treatments at times can bruise the muscles beneath the cellulite area, leaving its own kind of dent or bumps

  • Some cellulite body wraps may not be good for you because they have prescription drugs in them...these cellulite wraps are approved in a few countries but not by the FDA here in the United States

I personally use several cellulite remedies. Review these links to get the full story on which work best and why:

Do you eat junk food? If you do, it can cause your cellulite removal treatments to be less effective, and they may not work at all.

Consider trying an anti cellulite diet to begin with as part of your cellulite remedies package.

Additionally, if your body has an acid pH, it cannot function efficiently and may be "swelling" or retaining water.

This makes your fat cells look lumpy and have a cellulite appearance.

If you think you have an acid pH (if you tend to retain water or have puffy eyes, fingers, etc), here's an effective, easy way to shift your pH to alkaline. If you're like others, you'll experience numerous other health benefits too.

Alkaline water has been effective in supporting the body to decrease swelling and dump excess cellulite-causing water and toxins...

You can look great! Cellulite cures that last do take some time and effort and it's worth it.

You'll enjoy a healthy lifestyle and once you get the toxins out of your body that may be causing cellulite, the rest is mostly a matter of feeding yourself foods that your body can use...

Then NOT feeding yourself foods that are seen by your body as toxins.

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