Cosmetic Surgery Facelift

Find the best cosmetic surgery facelift facts and recovery tips here. Avoid risks of cosmetic surgery. Free recovery surgery information too. Some plastic surgeons use supplements and vitamins after surgery. See the bottom of this page for recovery surgery supplements.

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Understand critical healing needs your body may have and how to help meet those needs before and after cosmetic surgery.

Important time frames to know about your cosmetic surgery face lift:

  • Face lift recovery time: 5-30 days
  • Note: Days to recover depends upon type of face lift, and type of anesthesia

  • Face lift Surgery Stitches removal: 10-14 days

  • Face lift procedure times: 90 minutes-5 hours
  • Note: Surgery time depends on how much and what types of tissue need to be lifted

  • Risks of cosmetic surgery: complications estimated 1 in 300. Deaths 1 in 50,000.
  • Note: Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2004, citation available upon request.

As you know, you will have swelling after your cosmetic facelift, sometimes lots of swelling. I used supplements before surgery and after... during surgery recovery, to help keep face surgery swelling and liposuction swelling at a minimum.

The FDA approved supplement called SinEcchi™ has a homeopathic ingredient called "Arnica Montana" that helps keep chin liposuction swelling and face lift surgery swelling down. Click on recovery surgery for directions on how I used this powerful supplement after facial cosmetic surgery.

You may also find that alkaline water and an anti-cellulite diet (also known as an anti-inflammatory diet) may help swelling to go down after a plastic surgery face lift with chin liposuction.

During cosmetic surgery face lift procedures the doctors may reposition muscles and facial fat to smooth and soften your face for that more youthful look.

Your Plastic Surgeon will explain exactly which techniques he or she uses for your personal cosmetic surgery face lift.

A california facelift may be all you need!

Most incisions (cuts) made during facial cosmetic surgery are in places that will be easily hidden by natural wrinkles or hair.

Cosmetic surgery face lift incisions will vary because Doctors’ techniques vary. Be certain to ask specific questions about all your cosmetic surgery facelift scars, and how you can help heal a surgery scar.

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