Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Prayer Success Story

by Joy Koyu
(Vellore, India )

Blessed Surgery Outcome

Blessed Surgery Outcome

Here is a little bit about Joy's experience:

A sister in Vellore district prayed in Tamil Nadu (India) before my Ear drum operation. A day before the surgery, my doctor was concerned about some discharge in my left ear and wanted decide what to do during the operation itself, which worried me because I wouldn't be awake to hear what my choices were about my surgery.

But after the sister's prayer, she said goodbye to me from her Ward, and they wheeled me in my bed off to surgery.

Praise God! The operation was done successfully on both ears and I was discharged from Hospital the next day. I am now waiting for checkup.

Prayer of Gratitude

Praise God! I thank God for His mercy upon me. I praise Him and adore Him.


Joy, Thank you for your story and your prayer. We are so pleased that you had blessings and a great surgery result because of a wonderful prayer before surgery!

Jacklyn Anton
Owner, Your-Cosmetic-Surgery-Guide.com

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