Getting rid of cellulite

If you have a cellulite problem don't worry. There are several options for getting rid of cellulite:

I can't tell you exactly

How to get rid of cellulite

but I can tell you what I do to reduce cellulite...I use "at home" cellulite treatments!

Only your doctor is qualified to help you with your health and well-being.

So I offer you my own cellulite control suggestions based on my personal experience.

The fastest, easiest way I began reducing cellulite was to use an alkaline water machine called Ionizer Plus™ in addition to the far infrared sauna.

Between these two "cellulite removal" machines , and a healthy, dairy free diet, I lost weight and began getting rid of cellulite right along with the weight loss!

Everyone around me noticed in a matter of days!

Research has shown that our bodies work better when they are more alkaline.

I lost the water weight that made my fat cells swollen when I started drinking the Ionizer Plus™ alkaline water.

Research also indicates that toxins can be stored in our fat cells.

Our bodies have a tendency to fill our fat cells with extra water to dilute the toxins . . . it's swollen fat cells that can create the appearance of cellulite.

Using the Ionizer Plus™ and the far infrared sauna were the fastest ways I'd found to reduce cellulite in my body.

I do regular cellulite treatments at home now. I drink mostly alkaline water (between meals only, not with meals).

And I use my far infrared sauna at least 3 times a week.

Getting rid of cellulite this way was much easier and more effective than any other cellulite remedies I had tried.

I receive compliments on my skin often, and many people guess that I'm in my 30's...I'm aging gracefully, apparently!

When I'm with my daughter who is 25 years old, people ask if we are sisters . . . it doesn't make her happy, but it makes my day!

"Anti cellulite diet" for cellulite control

Some cellulite removal options:

Consider a "caveman" diet.

When it comes to getting rid of cellulite, consider eating like a caveman did...

Drink water only. Consider using alkaline water.

Eat enough protein! Protein helps maintain your lean muscle and heal your body. Eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, and some whole grains (not a lot of grains though!).

Remember, cavemen didn't have sauces, gravy, soda, donuts, ice cream, birthday cakes . . .they ate a hunter-gatherer-diet.

Consider eating organic if you can.

Remember that chemicals sprayed on fruits and veggies may be toxic and might be stored in your fat.

Cellulite remover tip: Another one of the best cellulite treatments I did was to stop eating dairy!

You may have a hidden sensitivity to dairy that causes phlegm in your throat after you eat. For some, a hidden dairy allergy may cause swelling in the body. Since most of us have eaten dairy our whole lives, you might not know how you would look or feel after taking dairy out of your diet.

You can always do a trial. Go without dairy for a couple of weeks, then eat a bunch of it at one meal.

Notice how you feel right after you eat dairy, then 30 to 40 minutes after you're done eating. I noticed I got tired then my brain was foggy . . . the next morning my face, fingers and toes were swollen...

Another one of my favorite tips to help remove cellulite:

I used natural products to pull toxins out of my body easily. My cellulite treatments seemed to move a lot quicker when I used zeolite drops on a daily basis.

Paul Reynolds can help you with your zeolite purchase. Consider giving him a call at 206.328.5442. Tell him Jacklyn said hello.

The zeolite drops worked after a day of using them. I felt better. I experienced a side benefit too--my brain became more clear and my memory improved.

I believe that once we understand how are bodies work best, getting rid of cellulite is relatively easy!

Wishing you the best!
-Jacklyn Anton, RN

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