How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Average lipo cost: $5,793 USD

That's the answer to: "How much does liposuction cost for hips and thighs?"

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Cosmetic surgery facts you may find helpful to know that may be considered additional "liposuction costs":

Liposuction reviews
58% said it was worth it
42% said it wasn't worth it
Average cost of Liposuction for this group: $5,739 (mostly hips and thigh liposuction)

Besides wanting to know how much liposuction costs, you may also be asking...

"How long does it take for liposuction swelling to go down?" It can take up to a year...Some see a significant difference in just 3 months, but the average is 8-9 months!

Be patient. Check out surgery recovery tips for ideas to speed up your surgery recovery times.

How much does liposuction cost in terms of healing time, pain and possible dangers of liposuction ?

  • You may experience burning, bleeding, pain, and of course swelling up to a year, and possibly beyond, as a liposuction complication

  • You may have fluid accumulations which need to be drained

  • You may have friction burns or other damage to your skin, some damage may be permanent

  • Permanent damage to nerves disrupted by liposuction complication like numbness

  • Injury to vital organs with stomach lipo

  • Change in skin color, scarring, dents, bumps or other imperfections

  • Your skin may not re-attach tightly if you don't wear your compression garment, and it will cause your skin to slump and sag

Find a good plastic cosmetic surgeon. Pay the fees your surgeon requests. If you've done your cosmetic surgery investigation and research and have seen your plastic surgeon's results and they are good, your surgeon is worth the money. Beware of cheap cosmetic surgery. It may be a plastic surgeon with little experience, and even less skill.

You have alternatives to liposuction too. Be sure to review them so you know what your options are.

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