How to Lose Cellulite Fast

You can feel confident and comfortable on the beach or in your work clothes when you know how to lose cellulite and keep it off!

Start by using the anti cellulite diet and consider Alkaline water to begin your fast weight loss.

Watch the anti cellulite diet and Ionizer Plus™ Alkaline Water work their magic for you.

Here is the best and fastest way I've found to lose cellulite:

The Basics:

  • Eliminate most breads, grains and dairy products for a fast weight loss start

  • Cut down on your diet sodas, caffeine intake, and smoking (toxins create swollen fat cells; cellulite is swollen fat cells)

  • Drink pure alkaline water and cellulite may disappear rapidly along with toxins--this is critical for fast fat loss

  • Give careful consideration to using a High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna


I know three women who lost a pound a day for 5 days running, then more over the next few weeks; just changing their diets in these simple ways.

Here's what the Alkaline water did for one woman I know from Santa Barbara, CA:

She lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks; and that's not all that happened! Click on this blue link to read another woman's alkaline water and cellulite experience.

The final touch for optimizing your anti cellulite diet plan would be to use the High Tech Health Far Infrared Sauna. The Far Infrared Sauna will burn up to 600 calories each 30 minute session; and all you do is sit and sweat! It's a cardio workout that gets toxins out of your body.

Amazingly enough, an analysis of sweat showed the body was sweating out fat with Far Infrared Sauna use! Regular saunas DO NOT do this.

The Far Infrared Sauna has been shown effective for cellulite removal and has many other benefits too.

For some, adding in the alkaline water alone caused a fast weight loss all by itself--without the diet change.

Personally, I noticed my puffy eyes were less swollen after using the anti cellulite diet ideas on this page, and getting rid of cellulite became easier and easier.

My body began its own cellulite removal once I gave my body what it needed to rid cellulite by itself...

Using these simple weight loss tips brought my puffy eyes back to "normal" permanently and helped me avoid eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

A woman just told me again yesterday that I look much too young to have children in their 20's...

When my puffy eyes returned to normal, I noticed the body cellulite swelling had gone down simultaneously everywhere. In three days my clothes were noticeably looser. I noticed my skin tightening all over my body too. I feel as young as people say I look!

I'm happy to be in my swimming suit too--no more self consciousness about cellulite thighs or body cellulite. I used the Ionizer Plus™ Alkaline Water and Sotto-Pelle hormone replacement. I've researched everywhere, and finally learned these ideas for "how to lose cellulite" that really work...

Top Four Fast Weight Loss Tips:

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