Keloid Scar

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Best information about keloid scar formation and treatment for scars. Free scar prevention ideas and how to treat scars once they've occurred. Learn about the difference between keloid and hypertrophic scarring. Know your options for scar removal.

A keloid scar is a raised scar that is not flat like the rest of your skin. This type of scar tissue keeps growing. Hypertrophic scars are less troublesome because they don't keep growing. Both of these surgery scars look very different from your normal skin.

If you have a scar that keeps growing, you may want to ask your cosmetic surgeon if you can receive an injection directly into the scar. Most plastic surgeons know how to treat scars by injecting a 1% lidocaine solution into the scar.

This scar care method can be repeated as needed until the scar stops growing and begins to flatten and lose it's redness. This treatment sometimes helps resolve scar tissue pain as well. If you didn't have time to use these scar prevention tips before surgery , don't worry. More scar care ideas can be found on the Acne Scar Treatment page. To scar guard yourself, make sure ask your doctors advice about things to do before and after surgery to get the best post surgery outcome. It's easier to do scar prevention than to remove scars.

Laser scar removal is an option, but not commonly used on hypertrophic or constantly growing scar tissue. And...

some of the best acne scar treatments DO use a Pixel Laser in combination with dermabrasion acne scar removal.

Dermabrasion For Scars

Raised, lumpy scars and hypertrophic scars don't respond well to dermabrasion. For instance, techniques for removing scars like these are quite different than a treatment for acne scars marks mentioned above.

Dermabrasion acne scar removal buffs off the top layer of skin on the face and back. This can be done several times over a few months until new skin comes up without the deep acne scar appearance.

But raised scar tissue is usually weaker and softer than a cystic acne scar and cannot tolerate the dermabrasion.

Ask your plastic surgeon if there are natural or surgical treatments for your tummy tuck scar or breast reduction scars before surgery--then find out if they recommend surgery recovery supplements to help prevent or heal surgery scarring.

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