Labiaplasty surgery recovery

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Labiaplasty surgery recovery: free tips for vaginal cosmetic surgery recovery and plastic surgery recovery. Enjoy benefits of plastic surgeries and even free plastic surgery! 

It may be 4 to 12 weeks before you complete your labiaplasty surgery recovery. Your doctor will give you instructions about when you can resume intimacy. You will not feel like irritating the vaginal area after surgery because you will be tender, swollen and likely have blue dissolvable stitches in the labia.

The stitches will likely come out by themselves after 2-3 weeks, or you'll have a post-op recovery appointment where your surgeon will remove the surgery stitches for you.

After the stitches are completely gone, (either dissolved or removed by your plastic surgeon), your labiaplasty surgery recovery will likely accelerate because there isn't anything "foreign" in the vaginal cosmetic surgery area to slow wound healing time.

It's uncomfortable to have stitches removed, but not nearly as painful as you might imagine. Try to relax for the stitches removal after surgery.

Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you before surgery how to do a sitz bath.

Your sitz baths are very important because they:

  • dissolve dissolvable stitches

  • keep the vagina area clean and free of infection

  • help promote healthy labiaplasty surgery recovery tissue healing

Here's where I found a nice

sitz bath that you can easily order.

Don't skip the sitz baths!

I am not a doctor so I cannot give you medical advice, but I can tell you some of the

supplements I took after surgery to help my body heal faster:

  • Arnica Montana, 30 C, every hour right after surgery then every four hours for 3 days. (I used it to promote muscle healing and alleviate traumas)

  • Vitamin C, proline and lysine (I heard it would help with collagen formation for good skin repair)

  • Homeopathic Callendula, 30 C,every four hours for it's ability to promote healing of wounds and cuts (can be taken every hour if needed)

  • Homeopathic Hyperica, 30 C, every four hours for assisting with the healing of nerve damaged during surgery

  • Ruta homeopathic, 30 C, to promote puncture wound healing

You may want to treat yourself to a recovery surgery pack that already has some favorite surgery recovery helps. It has before and after surgery supplements that worked beautifully for my surgeries.

With your doctor's advice, consider looking into Make Me Heal Products.
Your vaginal plastic surgery recovery may be a challenging one because your labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgical site is always being squeezed or rubbed by walking, sitting or sleeping.

The tissues in the vagina area are full of nerves and blood vessels to help promote sensitivity and to provide good circulation.
Because of these sensitivities, the vaginal cosmetic surgery area bruises and bleeds easier than other "less sensitive" tissue might after surgery.

This is true for episiotomy as well, and the healing tips you find here may help your episiotomy recovery move swiftly along.

Don't be surprised if your vaginal cosmetic surgery is more painful than you expect, and your recovery from surgery lasts longer than your cosmetic surgeon said it would...

Some cosmetic surgeons tend to give very optimistic cosmetic surgery healing time estimates...

Your personal current health status and your normal surgery recovery time will be your best indicator of your labiaplasty surgery recovery time frame.

More Vaginal Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

I've also read about zinc and copper being effective to help promote beautiful skin and great cosmetic surgery recovery, or any surgery recovery for that matter. Studies indicate that good mineral balance in the body will help you avoid keloid surgery scar formation. I had a keloid scar from poor abdominal surgery recovery, and after taking a multi mineral for a year, the keloid scar softened and flattened out nicely.

I was told to take the zinc at a different time of day than the copper. I took zinc in the morning (it even helped me think better), and copper in the evening with meals.

Labiaplasty recovery surgery times can be fairly rapid if your body responds as well as mine did with these supplements.

Hormones are important for surgery recovery and beautiful skin.

I enjoyed the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement . I researched Sotto Pelle. I was able to regrow my eyebrow hair, and my eyelashes and head hair grew back too!

Always ask your plastic surgeon for advice and approval before using any of these supplements to heal faster after surgery; and before using any ideas you find here at

Pain management Tip

The level of pain you experience during your labiaplasty surgery recovery may be quite intense, or very minimal.

Studies have shown that if you are blonde and blue eyed, there is a tendency to feel more pain for longer during cosmetic surgery recovery than dark eyed brunettes!

You can buy a "donut" to sit on which will help take the pressure off the vaginal cosmetic surgery area. This will be especially helpful if you have a job where you are sitting most of the day.

I used a condom filled with ice and water to cool off the inflamed, sensitive tissue during my labiaplasty surgery recovery. It helped decrease the inflammation and felt good to get the constant pressure off the vaginal area for 15-20 minutes a few times a day.

Always follow your plastic surgeon's advice. If your cosmetic surgeon says to wear a pad and put nothing on the labiaplasty area, do so.

I've observed most plastic surgeons and gynecologists recommend you use an antibiotic cream that you rub on the outer labiaplasty surgery area, and other vaginal tissues that are undergoing surgery recovery.

Your cosmetic surgeon will likely give you a prescription to fill before vaginal cosmetic surgery is done.

I have found that if I keep vaginal tissues moist when they are trying to heal; I feel better and heal faster after surgery.

I tried to avoid using a feminine sanitary napkin because it caused my vaginal tissues to dry out or become irritated. My vaginal plastic surgery seemed to heal faster after surgery without the pad...but always follow your doctor's advice!

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