Labiaplasty surgery

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Your labiaplasty: if you opt to have this type of vaginal surgery, here's what to expect:

  • You'll be scheduled for this type of vaginal surgery if you're a healthy candidate as determined by your plastic cosmetic surgeon.

  • You'll be given surgery preparation information for your vaginal surgery.

  • You will likely be counseled about the risks of vaginal cosmetic surgery and the risks of anesthesia surgery.

  • You will be given labiaplasty surgery recovery information and perhaps a prescription for topical antibiotics and pain medications.

  • The day of your cosmetic surgery procedure you will likely feel nervous, thirsty and hungry right before surgery .

When you are in the plastic surgeon's office for your scheduled vaginal cosmetic surgery procedure, the nurse will start an IV and give you something to help you relax.

I took Arnica Montana, 30 C right before my surgeries and had a few NeuroModulation Technique treatments to help prepare my body for fast recovery and to ease my surgery anxiety.

I used Allimax capsules and Allimed liquid before and after surgery to help avoid a possible MRSA infection.

You can call my friend Mike Scheile and he'll help you get your Allimed to use before surgery and after. His number is 800.299.1521.

Tell him hello from Jacklyn.

When you have his type of vaginal surgery your legs are spread to reveal the vagina for your cosmetic surgery procedure.

This position can make your hips sore after surgery, and may also affect your ankles, knees, and lower back.

If you have any problems in these areas, tell your plastic surgeon at your initial appointment and remind your surgeon again before surgery.

If you choose to have NeuroModulation Technique treatments, you can address your physical pain in these areas before surgery!

You may be "asleep" during your female plastic surgery, or you may have "conscious sedation" which relaxes you but is not a general anesthesia surgery.

Your labia will be trimmed so they can easily rest naturally inside the area larger labia and near the opening to your vagina. You will have stitches in your newly trimmed labia.

For many women, these stitches are the most painful part of surgery in the vaginal area.

After your vaginal surgery is done, you'll be in the recovery room where they'll monitor your for recovery from the general anesthesia (where you're asleep) drugs or from the conscious sedation (where you're "awake" but don't remember the procedure).

As soon as you're awake enough to feel some some pain from your labiaplasty area, they'll give you pain medication for pain management.

Don't worry. If you've been careful to select a plastic surgeon with experience and feel confident in his or her cosmetic surgery skills, your outcome will likely be very positive.

Gynecologists can perform this procedure, but please interview them carefully to find out how many labia surgeries they have done.

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