Laser Hair Treatment

for hair loss in women and men

Looking for Laser Hair Removal?

Do these four things and laser hair treatment for regrowing your hair can work--with up to a 94% success rate.

  • Get your hormones checked and balanced as soon as possible and consider Sotto Pelle natural hormone replacement

  • Purchase a Professional laser treatment package, using powerful laser light to stimulate hair growth.

  • Have your scalp evaluated to assess it's condition and make suggested corrections in your diet to support hair regrowth.

  • Be compliant with your daily personal protocol (use special shampoos, supplements and perhaps medications they will suggest).

Laser Hair treatment for Hair Restoration

Laser hair treatment will use laser light to stimulate the scalp cells that grow hair. Laser light helps increase the blood circulation to the cells that grow hair.

You can use a hand held laser comb at home, between your laser treatments at the hair loss clinics.

The reason you need access to the higher diode laser available at the hair loss clinic, is because your success rate corresponds with the number of diodes the laser has--more diodes equal better hair restoration.

Hair loss Control Clinics have FDA approved lasers (with 100+diodes) for regrowing hair. Lasers are powerful medical tools, and you cannot get the high-diode power from laser combs you use at home, but the laser combs are helpful.

Tip #1: Laser hair treatment can help you grow your own hair replacement, right from the same hair follicles you lost the hair from in the first place!

Hair Restoration

There are a few more important points you must understand before you sign up for laser treatments:

  • Even though a laser hair treatment stimulates blood circulation to the cells that contribute to hair growth, if there isn't "food" in your blood to feed and support hair replacement, you may not regrow hair.

  • If you use Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free Shampoo, it will keep you from clogging your hair follicles with debris and help increase the likelihood of hair restoration.

  • If your hormones are low, or you have enough hormone, but it turns into DHT (a "bad" hormone), your body may be "telling" your hair to die and fall out.

Hair restoration: using your body to grow your own hair replacement

Laser hair treatments are usually offered in packages, tailored to your personal hair loss scenario.

Look for a package that includes a series of laser treatments over time.

Credible hair replacement systems address all of the causes of mens hair loss. Surprisingly, womens hair loss is quiet common too...

Hormone changes (experienced by both men and women) can easily diminish your body's ability to regrow hair. If your hormones are low (many of us have low hormone levels and don't know it), you may try everything available to regrow hair, and have no success. Hormone replacement can balance your hormones and help support appropriate hair growth

Hair loss treatment

My Story:

Hair falling out in male pattern baldness areas like around the temples and on the front of my scalp, was something I never thought I would experience!

I desperately searched for a hair loss cure.

I had a feeling that my body could regrow hair, if I just knew what my body needed.

I tried vitamins for hair loss, like saw palmetto, silica, and a host of other supplements, but it wasn't until I checked my hormone levels that I found my hair loss cure.

I learned that I was desperately low in testosterone--and I'm a woman! (yes ladies, we need testosterone too! It helps with libido, or sex drive, builds appropriate muscle tone and it helped me think more clearly too!)

When I had a hormone replacement therapy, called Sottopelle, in three days my eyelashes and eyebrows began to regrow hair. Two weeks later, my hair STOPPED falling out.

After that, I had all my hormone levels checked, and I needed DHEA, and pregnenolone, as well as estradiol. Thyroid levels were low too, and low thyroid was also causing hair loss.

Once I was balanced, I felt better over all, as hormones have many important functions besides just growing hair.

My vitamins for hair growth began to work when my hormones were balanced.

Tip # 2: Nothing I tried worked until I got my hormones balanced! If your hormones aren't balanced, preventing hair loss may become impossible! After your hormones are balanced, vitamin supplements can work powerfully and well.

How to prevent hair loss so you won't need laser hair treatment

  • Get your hormones checked and balanced

  • Take a good vitamin for hair loss, like "Complete"

  • Clean up your diet (stay hydrated, stop the sugar)

  • STOP using Sodium Laurel sulfate Shampoo and switch to a nutritional shampoo that feeds your scalp

  • Call my friend Brad at Hair Loss Control Clinic in New York (he's full of great information and can help you with hair restoration ideas, and tips on how to prevent your hair loss in the first place)

Tip #3: It takes 18 months to two years to regrow hair with the best hair replacement systems available, but if you're like me, you may see results much, much sooner. Get your hormones balanced and clean up your diet while you're having laser hair treatment done. It's a powerful "regrow hair" combination!

Many hair loss clinics offer prescription medications for you to use in conjunction with your vitamins and laser hair treatments. Like Finasteride (brand name: Propecia) and Minoxidil (brand name: Rogaine).

Ladies cannot take some prescriptions medications that men can... but there are some alternatives to medications. Most hair loss vitamin combinations are fairly good and can help block the "bad" hormones and support the "good" hormones in your body.

Do laser hair treatments really work? I believe they do. Each week I would see a certain gentleman come in to the Salon for laser "scalp treatments".

He told me that he was an identical twin. His twin had a small horse shoe ring of hair, was bald on top, and never had laser hair treatment done.

The man who had weekly laser hair treatment had a full head of hair.

You can regrow hair. It just takes some time, and good information. Be consistent with your laser treatments. Be patient. You can do it.

Stop back by and see what's new! We'll keep giving you great new information.

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  • Hair loss hair treatment to do at home
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