Liposuction Alternatives

There are several liposuction alternatives that will help you regain your smooth, firm body with minimal efforts.

It may take between 3-6 months to accomplish your desire, but that's how long it can take for liposuction swelling to go down!

You will save money, avoid the dangers of liposuction and can have an amazing body for life; maybe even six pack abs!

Just follow these simple lipo alternative guidelines below.

You might only need is cellulite removal, here are some ideas about that as well...

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Use These Non Surgical Liposuction Ideas

  • Meso therapy (injecting a fluid that dissolves fat cells--used for cellulite removal)

  • Medicated body wraps (used for reducing cellulite and helping you to lose inches)

  • Drink Alkaline Water to shift your pH and help decrease inflamed fat cells (can help your body burn deep fat and lose cellulite too)

  • Use a Far infrared Sauna to literally sweat out fat (great weight loss and liposuction alternative)

  • Change your diet to an anti-cellulite diet plan (which also helps you burn that deep "lipo" fat)

If you want to do your own "free liposuction", consider my favorite fast weight loss protocols and weight loss tips:

I drink Alkaline water.

Without doing anything else, I lost 9 lbs in three weeks. My appetite decreased significantly and my clothes were looser in 3 days.

If you use the Far Infrared Sauna, the Alkaline Water and an Anti cellulite diet, you are doing almost all you can to get rid of cellulite and lose body fat. I believe it's possible to never have them return.

Be sure to read about Sotto Pelle hormone balance too. It can cause fast weight loss in men and women both. It also gave me beautiful firm skin and great muscle tone.

Meso therapy and cellulite removal treatments

Meso Therapy is sometimes a good liposuction alternative. Even though liposuction focuses on deep fat, at times just removing cellulite can give you the "cosmetic surgery" results you desire.

During a meso therapy treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will inject a certain mix of chemicals (some natural and some not) into your cellulite areas.

The chemical solution will dissolve away fat and your body will slowly carry it away. Find out a little more about Meso Therapy at the bottom of the cellulite removal page.

Although cellulite removal treatments can be effective; your cellulite control may be temporary if you don't keep using the treatments...

Be aware that the cream or solution they apply to your skin if you're having a body cellulite wrap has chemicals in it.

Some chemicals are natural, others are actually prescription drugs. Be aware certain drugs used in body wraps are not yet approved by the FDA in the United States.

Safety of liposuction alternatives

  • Alkaline water has no known detrimental effects when used as a liposuction alternative
  • Far Infrared Sauna burns up to 600 calories per hour, which helps you lose deep lipo fat
  • Far Infrared Sauna also pulls toxins out of fat cells, which helps with cellulite reduction
  • Meso therapy, though meant specifically for cellulite treatments can sometimes give you the cosmetic surgery result you're looking for without having actual liposuction

And one last cosmetic surgery thought...

If I were having a body cellulite wrap or meso therapy, I would make sure the plastic surgeon treated me. If the plastic surgeon has a nurse do the meso therapy or cellulite treatment, I would ask how long the nurse has been doing this treatment and if I could see some pictures of patient results...

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