Liposuction Swelling and Liposuction Recovery

Here are some tips for liposuction swelling and surgery recovery:

  • Avoid caffeine, energy drinks, diet sodas and coffee

Consider these tips for your best liposuction results:

  • Drink Alkaline water between meals or on an empty stomach
  • Exercise as much as your plastic surgeon recommends
  • Wear your pressure garment!

Liposuction inflammation occurs from the surgery and because of the tumescent fluids the cosmetic surgeon injects into you to soften your fat for removal.

If you drink caffeine drinks or diet sodas, you cut down the circulation to the surgical area and it takes much longer for your swelling to go down. Do not smoke. If you do, you can kill your tissues by choking your circulation completely.

Be sure to exercise as much as possible. Exercise helps increase blood circulation and carries away extra fluid causing your swelling.

If you want to see remarkable changes like I did, consider drinking Alkaline water. The alkaline water can help decrease inflammation everywhere in your body; not just in your surgery recovery area.

Alkaline water also shifts your body chemistry to a fat burning state. You may even be able to use the alkaline water as a liposuction alternative!

Remember, surgery recovery from inner thigh liposuction and abdominal liposuction can be challenging. The tissues are soft. They swell and bruise easily after liposuction. Thigh liposuction can leave bruises and dents if you don't wear your pressure garment as directed. Click here for more liposuction recovery ideas.

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