Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Natural Hair loss treatments you've never heard of plus top hair care products for amazingly healthy hair. Avoid hair surgery using these Doctor recommended top hair loss products.           


If you're struggling with hair loss like I once did, we've got some excellent natural hair loss product ideas that may help support you in your efforts to regrow or maintain your fantastic hair!

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright shares his advice for growing and maintaining healthy hair by supplying the body with nutrients that are the essential building blocks your body uses to grow hair.  (I learned about these suggestions when I attended his Nutritional Therapy Conference in Seattle, WA a few years ago.)

Here are just some of Dr. Wright's hair care treatment supplement recommendations.  

Dr. Wright's Natural Hair Loss Treatment Tips:

-Flaxseed oil, 15 ml (one Tablespoon) twice a day in combination with Vitamin E, 400 IU a day
-Biotin, 300-10,000 micrograms (mcg) OR 2.5 mg (milligrams) per day
-High-potency multivitamin/multimineral.

One more CRITICAL addition to help your body grow hair:

-Betain Pepsin HCL

Why?  Betaine Pepsin HCL will help you ABSORB the nutrients you're taking!  Otherwise, you might not get what you need out of your food or hair product supplements! 

Read more about what Dr. Wright says about how to get the most out of your natural hair loss treatments and have beautiful skin and long pretty nails too!

Natural Hair Loss Treatments Expanded

A GREAT shampoo you may want to try is Face Doctor brand.  The SeaBuckthorn oil they put in their products kills parasites that can cause hair thinning and hair loss in men and women. My husband uses it, and he has fantastic hair.  He has less adult acne, and his hair has stopped thinning, even though he's over 60 years old and has had shoulder surgery. 

Hair loss after anesthesia is quite common, but my husband actually grew hair better after surgery because he's careful to include the nutrients above and below in his hair regrowth treatment regimen.

For more information on essential oils for hair loss, like seabuckthorn oil, please visit my natural hair regrowth page for more great natural hair loss treatments you can do at home.

To grow hair healthy and long, I always add a pure liquid B vitamin and several essential amino acids that support hair growth to the hair supplements listed above. Premier Research Labs makes a great liquid B vitamin.  It has folate in it, and folate along with Biotin have been noted by researchers to support hair regrowth.

I take these hair growth products daily:

L-Arginine (or Neo40, since I'm over 50 now)

Because our bodies cannot make certain essential amino acids (proteins), I like to add them to my diet as part of my 'top hair loss products' plan, to make sure my body has enough protein to grow shiny, thick healthy hair. 

Pure Encapsulations makes Hair/Skin/Nails Ultra, which supplies my body with hair growth precursors too.  If I keep my body supplied with the proper nutrients, it will help me grow beautiful hair, promote ageless skin and gorgeous nails, and help support my immune system and digestion to help keep me healthy. 

These simple hair care treatments will go a long way towards supporting your body to grow healthy hair naturally.  Try these healthy hair tips and products today!

If after trying these nutrient boosting hair care treatments, you find you're still not growing healthy hair, realize there are other reasons you may not grow hair back like you want to. 

You'll need your doctor's help to see if you're experiencing:

-Thyroid imbalance causing hair loss, thinning hair or baldness
-Illness, trauma, stress, pregnancy or menopause causing hair loss
-Side effects of medications causing hair loss
-Medical treatments causing thinning hair or baldness
-Hormonal effects of birth control pills causing loss of hair
-Poor digestion and ineffective nutrient absorbtion causing hair loss

Always work with your Doctor.  You need to follow your doctor's advice and have your doctor assess why you're experiencing hair loss in the first place. 

The great natural hair care treatments I've listed above have worked well for me and my husband.  I hope they work for you too, should you decide to try them!

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