Prayer Before Surgery for Mom

by Unknown

A Sweet Prayer Before Surgery for Mom

A Sweet Prayer Before Surgery for Mom

Heavenly Father, I'm asking this prayer before surgery for Mom.

You have given my mother a wonderful life for 81 years, full of joy, but punctuated with sorrow and grief, as are all of our lives on this imperfect earth. She has been full of love for her family, and her family full of love for her, for all of those years.

Her body is full of trouble, and failure. She has great and capable surgeons and physicians and nurses, bless them with this surgery prayer too, but we know that we are all in your hands; us, her, the surgeons, physicians, and nurses.

I feel it might be too much to ask you, Father, to extend her years, as I would selfishly love to do, in my prayer before surgery for Mom. So let me ask something that might be more appropriate and fitting to your infinite love and mercy toward your children.

Heavenly Father, whenever you decide to call her to you, let it be when her soul is right and pleasing in your sight. If you take her to you, cover her sins, as your son David prayed. Show her the infinite forgiveness that you showed us through your Son Jesus Christ, who was sent to cover all of our sins and shortcomings. Hold her hand, and let her not fear, from now until when you bring her home, whether that be now, tomorrow, or when she turns 103. She deserves special mercy for having to put up with my brother and me for these 50 plus years.

When she comes to you, please do not let her suffer or linger, and let her go right into the arms of her husband, her mother, her father, and her brother.

I ask these things not because I am deserving to ask, but because of the great promise made by Jesus. Heal her soul Father, and if it is your will, then heal her body. Bless this, my prayer before surgery for Mom.

In the name of Jesus Christ, who even asked forgiveness for those who crucified him, Amen.

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