Recovery surgery information for you

You may find these recovery surgery tips helpful if you are post surgery; just be sure to check with your plastic surgeon to get your doctor's advice and approval.

These ideas may improve your recovery experience after all types of surgeries, not just plastic cosmetic surgery.

Surgery Recovery Started BEFORE Surgery~

  • Minutes before the surgeon wheeled me into the operating room, I took Arnica Montana 30 C, 4 pellets, and dissolved them under my tongue

  • After Surgery I immediately took Arnica Montana again and took the Arnica Montana every 1 to 3 hours to promote faster surgery recovery time

  • Took Allimed capsules BEFORE SURGERY and right after surgery and continued taking them for two weeks: one capsule in the morning and one at night. Allimed capsules are proven effective in warding off MRSA infections and many other possible surgery infections

  • Took 3 digestive enzymes (bromelain or pancreatic enzymes) on an empty stomach three times a day to help "eat away" inflammation and debris in my blood

  • Used Zeolite Enhanced liquid alternating with Zeolite powder to pull anesthesia chemicals out of my body

General anesthesia surgery had a tendency to make me feel depressed for several months post surgery.

Zeolite products helped me with detoxifying the anesthesia. For me it was an important part of recovery surgery. It helped me bounce back quickly.

The NeuroModulation Technique Healing method has been nothing short of miraculous for me and many others who have tried it. It can speed recovery time even more than using the tips mentioned above...give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

Cosmetic surgery recovery can be a special challenge if you prefer no one know you've had cosmetic surgery. Using these tips, I appeared so normal that few people knew I'd had surgery. As always, if you decide to use these tips, check with your doctor first!

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