How to Alleviate Scar Tissue Pain:

Surgery nurse tells how to decrease scar tissue pain, help heal tummy tuck scars, breast reduction scars and prevent or soften surgery scars. Try these ideas as part of your acne scar skin care too.

Reported by Jacklyn Anton

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If you've just had surgery of any kind, you may be interested in the best doctors advice on healing after surgery. Always check with YOUR doctor to see if these ideas will work for you.

  • Keep the surgery scar moist and sterile
  • Move around but don't do big stretches that pull on the scar tissue
  • Massage the raised scar area and use heating pad if it feels good

Scar Tissue Removal Product

Vitamin E For Scars

The best scar tissue removal products are actually not removal products. They are vitamins and minerals you might consider taking before and after surgery with your surgeon's permission.

Ask your surgeon if vitamin E scar healing products are available. Some surgery patients puncture a vitamin E capsule and rub the oil into the scar tissue after surgery. This may help prevent a Keloid scar or a raised scar.

Vitamin A, C, and E are know to support skin and wound healing. You might consider a liquid vitamin A, C and E mixture rubbed into your surgery area as a treatment for scars.

Don't use it during the first three days after surgery unless your doctor says to. Your doctor may have a certain ointment or scar prevention treatment especially for you.

Keloid Scar:  Treatment for Scars

Your body might make a keloid scar . A raised scar that looks like an earthworm or is a puffy scar is called a "keloid scar". If you have dark or black skin, you may form keloid scars more easily than fair skinned people.

If you have tummy tuck scars or cosmetic breast reduction surgery scars you may form keloids easier because these areas are always moving. When you breath, it stretches the skin. But breathe deeply and use a warm water bottle or heating pad to help alleviate scar tissue pain.

Gently massaging the scar tissue pain away will help keep the healing tissue loose and supple. Some people will form surgery adhesions and this can also cause scar tissue pain. Adhesions are formed when the surgery scar tissue grabs the tissues underneath it and it all heals together.

This keeps the surgery scar from moving properly and binds the tissues underneath. A patient who formed these adhesions and a keloid scar after her abdominal surgery used the gentle jets on her hot tub to lightly massage the adhesions loose. It took several months, but the tissues released and adhesions went away.

This same patient saw her old scars soften and flatten when she took a good multi-MINERAL and Vitamin A, C, and E, by mouth, for 8 months. She said it was the only change she made in her health care and a keloid scar she'd had for years flattened and the scar tissue pain went away.

Ask your cosmetic surgeon if you have "adhesions" if you're experiencing scar tissue pain longer than a couple of weeks. Is there a way to cure acne scars? Consider these natural Acne Scar Home Remedy ideas:

If you have a teenager at home, these same supplements (Vitamin A, C, and E and a multi-MINERAL, taken by mouth) might be effective as acne scar home remedies. Minerals are very important for skin health.

Studies have shown that most of us are deficient in minerals. Ask your doctor if you could try this treatment for acne scars marks that haven't gone away.

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