Surgery Preparation - What should I know?

Preoperative care tips

Surgery preparation guidelines are often not easy to find, however, armed with this information, your surgery may go more smoothly.

Surgery almost always causes stress.

The more information you have, the better prepared you are for faster healing after surgery!

“I have been on both sides of surgery... As a patient, I have been through the worst swelling and unnecessary pain after surgery and during recovery...and being a nurse, this experience motivated me to research surgery preparation and how to decrease healing pain and improve surgical recovery. I enjoy sharing this wealth of surgery preparation information with you.”

-Jacklyn Anton, Operating Room Nurse

Surgery of all kinds can be easier for you with these easy to follow tips...but be sure to check with your doctor and get his approval before you do anything listed here!

You'll find answers to your surgery preparation questions and:

  • Specific ideas on how to prepare for surgeries
  •  About the surgery healing process
  • Why you do certain things in preparing for surgery
  • Pain management ideas post surgery

Here's what I did before surgery

  • Started eating right a year before my surgery procedure. Don't have a year? That's OK; I didn't either before a couple of my surgical procedures. I just got started as soon as I could--using an anti inflammatory diet...also known as an

    Anti Cellulite Diet.
    Inflammation can slow recovery. Surgery usually always causes some inflammation by itself--especially liposuction.

  • Began a multi-vitamin AND took extra Vitamin A, C, and E, I knew it would help with "great looking skin for me!"

  • Started a multi-MINERAL supplement-- I knew from personal experience that minerals can help prevent a keloid surgery scar.

    A keloid scar is a raised, red hard scarring at the incision site after surgery. For me, minerals also help decrease surgery adhesions.

    Adhesions occur when your skin or other tissues heal by sticking to tissues that you don't want them to, sometimes making bumps or dents in your skin).

  • Got exercise. Oxygenating my cells deeply with exercise helped my tissues to heal faster and stronger--All I did was walk 25 minutes 4 days a week.

  • Drank a high anti-oxidant drink, and clean, pure High-Tech Health Ionizer Plus Alkaline Water (I also avoided dairy, because for people like me, dairy causes cellulite , phlegm in my throat and inflammation).

  • I never did smoke, but I would have stopped smoking if I were a smoker.
  • It was frightening for me to see the poor healing, or total lack of healing in smokers after surgery.

    Black scar is dead or dying skin. This happens when patients smoke before or after surgeries.

  • Stopped all other stimulants (like caffeine)--because I knew they would constrict my tiny capillaries (blood vessels) and if my blood supply was compromised I may not heal!

  • Used a healing method called NeuroModulation Technique to prepare my body and mind to accept the surgery. Some call it "energy medicine" but it's not medicine.
  • Checked with my Doctor about my vitamins to make sure they did not conflict with any medications.

I learned that some doctors prefer you stop taking Vitamin E two weeks before surgeries because they feel it may cause extra bleeding...but I decided to take Vitamin E before surgery and again immediately after.

A dermatologist friend of mine explained that Vitamin E was excellent for skin healing. He also recommended Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. I took those supplements before surgery too, and I personally didn't experience any excess bleeding.

Are you worried or concerned about pain management? Find your online pain management ideas right here!

Some pain management treatment ideas are listed for you below. Good surgery preparation may help decrease the amount and length of pain you experience with your surgery.

There are even some alternative pain management ideas as well.

Of course, you will want to check with your Doctor to see if you can boost your health and surgical recovery with these simple tips and increase your chances for an excellent surgical procedure!

Hi, my name is Jacklyn and I'm an operating room nurse. I am not a doctor, and am not qualified to give medical advice. So instead,

I'll share my personal surgery preparation and healing techniques that worked beautifully for my surgeries and helped me with fast recovery. . .

But remember:


You MUST ask your Doctor's advice before doing anything you learn about on this website or on the following list. Always follow your Doctor's advice, especially regarding surgery preparation. Only your Doctor is qualified to guide your health care.

Carefully coordinate your preoperative care plan with your doctor.

"I wanted to optimize my surgery preparation..."



  • Stopped all pain relievers that could cause bleeding during surgery or recovery
  • Cut down on processed breads and grains (wheat and white rice caused inflammation for me).
  • Increased good proteins, organic chicken, fish and beef.
  • Slept 9 1/2 hours per night.
  • Weaned off caffeine completely (coffee, tea, energy drinks).
  • Increased "good fats", coconut oil, cod liver oil, flax oil (organic).
  • Avoided refined sugar (I knew it caused inflammation and would leach precious minerals out of my body).
  • Scheduled weekly NeuroModulation Technique treatments to support my body for rapid healing.
  • Visualized myself healing rapidly while looking and feeling great! I did this each morning before getting out of bed.

I continued to stay hydrated, using my Mona Vie drink and lots of pure Alkaline water, too. I use High-Tech Health Ionizer Plus Alkaline Water. This alone would have made my surgery preparation a breeze.


  • Kept doing what I had been doing and:
  • Made sure to stay hydrated. I had learned caffeine dehydrates and cuts down healing circulation.
  • Avoided all but whole grain breads, and used them sparingly. Brown rice was my favorite!
  • Did not eat dairy products (they caused inflammation I didn't know about until I went without it a while).
  • Added Vitamin B6 complex, and B 12 Sublingual, it helped decrease my anxiety side effects. I took those vitamins in the morning, because they gave me energy. If I took them at night, they kept me awake.
  • Began using Biotics NutriClear® drink twice a day--for total nutritional support. Metagenics UltraClear® Medical Food is a great drink as well, I've used them both.
  • Bought and used digestive enzymes. Took them as directed AFTER meals.
  • Added Betain Pepsin HCL with meals, near the beginning of the meal. It helped improve my digestion and nutrient absorption.

"My Favorite Surgery Preparation Secrets . . ."


  • Began taking digestive enzymes twice a day BETWEEN meals AND after meals. (It seemed to help my blood be clean and--my bruises and swelling healed really fast!)
  • Took extra Vitamin C and flax oil when I got constipated, a common side effect of surgery and anesthesia
  • Drank Alkaline water and my Mona Vie anti-oxidant drink. (you can call my friend Bruce Stevens, D.C. or talk to his wife, Renae. They'll be happy to help you get your Mona Vie. 805.588.1176.


  • Scheduled an "Energy Medicine" treatment as close to my surgery time as possible, using NMT, NeuroModuation Technique. It helped decrease stress and helped prepare me to heal faster and have a pleasant recovery after surgery.
  • Ate light meals all day.
  • Took one Allimed capsule with dinner to support my body against a possible MRSA infection--Mike Michael Schiele at Wellness Naturals can get your your Allimax and Allimed products. Here's his contact information: 800-299-1521 P.O. Box 14851 Portland, OR 97293.
  • Had no food or drink 12 hours before surgery.
  • General anesthesia relaxes you and if you have food in your stomach or intestines, it can move backwards up into your throat and lungs.

    Don't eat or drink anything 12 hours before surgery unless your doctor says you can!


  • Took Arnica Montana Homeopathic just before they took me into the surgery suite: (It's a small pellet, dissolved it under my tongue).

My personal research and experience taught me that careful surgery preparation helped me avoid most surgery complications.

Recovery after surgery was a breeze once I learned what worked for me. After using these surgery ideas, my recovery was wonderful compared to my other surgeries.

Surgery infection and scarring were tiny risks of surgery for me after using these healing techniques, vitamins and minerals before surgery.

You don't have to worry about any surgery complication. Just do what you can to improve your health before surgery and get your surgery care plans in place before and after your surgery.

It worked for me. It even worked for regular surgeries, not just plastic surgery.

In fact, I astonished myself with how good I felt after surgery and didn't suffer nearly as many general anesthesia side effects post surgery!

You can have a great post surgery recovery experience too!


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