Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery Surgery information

Cosmetic surgery recovery facts you should know:

  • Liposuction recovery and breast surgery recovery take much longer than simple eyelid surgery recovery because more tissue is affected and displaced
  • Liposuction recovery time:.........8 weeks to 12 months
  • Breast augmentation recovery:...3 to 12 months
  • Abdominal surgery recovery:......8 weeks to 9 months
  • Eyelid surgery recovery:............8 weeks to 7 months
  • Facelifts recovery time:.............8 weeks to 10 months

Your recovery time is longer when you have cosmetic surgery done on several areas or a very large area (like inner thigh liposuction, back liposuction and liposuction on hips and buttocks).

Tummy tuck surgery recovery can be a very challenging abdominal surgery to recover from because...

Surgery recovery for areas where there is constant motion from breathing can be more difficult. More pain management after surgery is usually required.

The tissues have to "work harder" to repair. When the surgery healing takes place in the chest area, or you're going through abdominal surgery recovery, your breathing can prevent the tissues from "resting". This slows healing a bit.

This challenging recovery also applies to breast breast reduction surgery, cosmetic breast enlargement, and breast cancer surgery recovery.

Surgery Recovery Tips

I wanted to have the best possible surgery recovery supplements. I love a new product I've found to help support the body to heal. Read about it on the Full Figured Beauty full figured beauty page. Because it's a natural food supplement, it helped all my other surgery supplements work even better. I was astonished at how rapidly I healed after I used the Ritz Spritz!

I personally chose to take vitamin A, C, and E three days before surgery and again as soon as possible after my surgeries. I continued taking it for 12 weeks. I read research that supported taking these supplements before and after surgery. It was emphasized that all three must be taken together...

I personally consulted two medical doctors about this. One doctor is a dermatologist and the other a world renowned medical doctor of nutritional medicine. Both recommended these supplements for beautiful skin, and healing before and after cosmetic surgery. Research indicated that these vitamins are especially supportive to aid with skin repair.

In another report, these same vitamins helped decrease surgery recovery time by half, for patients who were in the ICU.

Taking a multi-mineral before and after surgery helped heal my surgery scar beautifully.

It even decreased keloid surgery scarring from a previous surgery I'd had.

As always, consult your plastic surgeon for advice on what supplements are best for you.

Be patient, you can heal rapidly and well. Some surgeries just take a little longer than others to recover from.

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