Vaginal cosmetic surgery

Vaginal cosmetic surgeries are not new.

The demand for vaginal cosmetic surgery has grown with the increase in pornographic materials made available everywhere.

Be aware of these female cosmetic surgery facts before you opt to have labiaplasty or any vaginal surgery procedure:

  • Some women need this surgery for health reasons.

  • Tissues cut, altered or tightened with vaginal surgery or labiaplasty cosmetic surgery procedures can not be re-grown or re-attached, or "undone".

  • Any time the vagina area is surgically treated it impairs your sensitivity temporarily and sometimes permanently--and can possibly cause a decrease sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

  • Keloid scar tissue, or a surgery scar may occur when you have this plastic cosmetic surgery procedure done. (Most scar tissue is different than normal healthy tissue and can have extra sensitivity or decreased sensitivity, depending on your particular response to surgery and your surgery recovery ).

Therefore, labiaplasty cosmetic surgery or any type of vagina surgery done for aesthetic reasons only (or so you feel like you "look better") may entail the above cosmetic surgery risks you will want to consider carefully.

You'll feel better about making your decision if you learn about labiaplasty surgery recovery before making your final decision for a vaginal surgery procedure.

Labiaplasty, what is it?

Your vaginal surgery is called " labiaplasty " because the medical term for the inner vaginal lips is "labia minora". Labia means "lips" and "plasty" means "surgery".

The labia majora are the larger outer vagina tissue, on the outside of your body.

Labiaplasty cuts down the inner vagina lips so they fit neatly inside the outer vagina lips.

For some women, this procedure is necessary.

Labiaplasty removes some of this sensitive inner vaginal lip tissue so it doesn't rub raw on undergarments and become irritated and infected.

If you've ever experienced vaginal dryness or vaginal irritation you can easily understand why some women opt for this type of vaginal cosmetic surgery procedure.

Female cosmetic surgery preparation

Looking for surgery preparation ideas?

Your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate you for labiaplasty surgery or other vaginal surgery procedures. Make sure your plastic cosmetic surgeon has had experience doing labiaplasties!

Ask if your surgeon has done vaginal cosmetic surgery; or at least been trained in this cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. There's a helpful list at the bottom of this page of

what to ask your plastic surgeon about any surgery, and their training, experience and protocols.

Ask how the vaginal rejuvenation went for the patients the surgeon has performed cosmetic surgery for, if the patients were pleased with their surgery resuls, and how much scar tissue pain to expect.

Health Tip: If your labia minora or inner vagina lips are hanging significantly lower than the outer your health insurance may cover part or all of this procedure!

Check with your cosmetic surgeon about health insurance guidelines for vaginal surgery, or labiaplasty.

A vaginal surgery augmentation will not be covered by insurance if you simply "prefer" to have your vagina area look "prettier".

Ask your plastic surgeon to give you your estimated recovery time after labiaplasty surgery. Just remember, recovery from labiaplasty is different for everyone.

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